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Things you need to groom your dog at home

A clean and well groomed dog not only looks and smells nice, but is healthier as well. Even if you prefer to take your dog to the vet and to spas, it is always a good idea to have the basic grooming tools available at your disposal all the time. You should try to groom […]

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Keep your dog’s paws clean and safe every day

Have you noticed that your little puppers don’t seem to sweat? There’s nothing wrong with them, don’t worry. Dogs, actually, only sweat from their noses and the bottom of their feet, their paws, as evidenced by the ever running noses. So, these damp little pads can collect a paw load of irritants and toxins. Just […]

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dog grooming

Why Dogs Need Grooming

Dog Grooming is an inescapable part of owning dogs. Unlike popular belief, grooming is not just about maintaining your dogs’ level of cleanliness, or about keeping your dogs good-looking. Grooming is at the base, all about maintaining both your dogs’ physical health as well as the appearance. Here are some useful tips for dog Grooming: […]

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bath time

Its Bath Time For Your Lovely Pooch

Its Bath Time!!!! If you have see people in movies trying to bathe their dogs, it seems like a rather fun exercise with a lot of soap suds and water and bonding. But if you buy a dog for yourself, you will soon realize it’s not really that fun. Dogs don’t mind being dirty and […]

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