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Dog Sleep Positions and their Meanings

What sleep position does your dog LOVE to lay in? My dog loves to lay on his side. My favourite position to watch a dog sleep in is with their legs up in the air. How funny do they look with their tongue hanging to side? With their legs proudly up in the air! These […]

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10 fun facts about pugs

Known as the clown of the canine world, pugs have a great sense of humour, and they like to show off too. Consider yourself lucky to have a pug in your home, as these little munchkins are the most affectionate breed you can have. For those who are eager to know more about these lap […]

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3 Real Life Stories That Will Make You Get A Dog Right Away! – PaWish Contest

  Dog Stories No. 1- His girlfriend said “lets get a dog” and it proved to be the best decision ever! 6th October 2014 was like any other day in Sayed Jahangir’s life. But then came a drastic turn. His girlfriend came up with a crazy idea out of nowhere. She said “lets get a […]

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dog not pooping

What To Do When Your Dog Isn’t Pooping

Dog not pooping? It is indeed a cause of worry. It is inevitably uncomfortable and painful for him. Some basic causes of this problem can be accredited to lack of the adequate fibre in his diet, or feeding him too much human food or even dehydration. Other causes may include lack of exercise, intestinal obstructions (such […]

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feeding dogs during summers

How to Feed Your Pooch This Summer

As the mercury levels soar higher and higher, feeding dogs becomes tougher, your pup may be exposed to quite a few summer hazards such as heat strokes, dehydration, overheating and so on. As such, it is essential that you pay attention to your dog’s health and diet. Often, he may not want to eat and/or […]

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dog shave

A Summer Shave For Golden Retrievers and Labs?

Some people assume a dog’s fur to be the same as clothes for humans. Therefore, as the sun showcases its strength, they resort to dog shave as they believe it will keep their dog cool and comfortable in the scorching heat. This is true especially with Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers since they have heavy, double […]

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dog holiday spots

10 Holiday Spots to Enjoy With Your Furry Friend

We all love taking an off from our everyday mundane and hectic lives and escaping to other lands. Just like you, your dog also needs a break from his daily routine of waiting for you at home. He too wants to see new dog holiday spots and chill with you more. Moreover, aren’t you tired of […]

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desi dog food

10 ‘Desi’ Food Items To Feed Your Dog

It is vital that your dog receives a balanced diet for a long and healthy life. Just like you, your dog too needs “ghar ka khaana”. Your pup might tend to get bored of the monotonous dog and junk food, and will definitely need a detour from such tedium through desi dog food. So what […]

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sharing bed with dog

Is It Safe To Share The Bed With Canine Companions?

It can definitely be very comfortable and cute to curl up next to your dog(s) in bed. You may feel a sense of security, love and happiness in sharing bed with your pup. Approximately 79% of pet owners have reported to sharing bed with their canine buddies. But does that actually make it safe for humans […]

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pet friendly startups

10 Pet Friendly Startups in India

We practically live in a startup generation. There is a startup brewing for man’s every need. Thankfully, the startup founders have not limited themselves to only human beings, but have taken a keen interest in animals too. There are quite a few pet friendly startups that cater to the needs of animals in India. We’ve […]

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