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Puppies Abound in Guwahati & Kolkata

Paws whatever you’re doing! Uber and have come together to bring uberPUPPIES to provide you and your friends with some puppy time, all at the touch of a button, this Thursday, the 18th of August. Everyone needs a break from the every day, and as someone once said, there is no therapist better than […]

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Why do pugs look sad?

Brought home a pug?Wondering why your lil pooch keep on making those sad faces?Or is there any mental trauma he must be going through?Then let me tell you to should remove that tension off.Because there are several medical and historic reasons why your pooch is born with those sad wrinkles.Pugs possibly represent some of the […]

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dog fever

Home remedies for dog fever

Dog Fever Is your dog not reacting the way he used to after seeing you?Is he not showing any interests for long walks?Is he not eating his meals properly?Then it’s an indication that he must be having some temperature.In an adult dog, a normal body temperature is between 38 and 39.2ºC (100º and 102.5ºF) . […]

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Why to brush your dog daily?

Why you bath daily?Why you comb your hair daily?Obviously to keep yourself clean and  look clean.Have you ever wondered that your pooch might need that cleanliness too.May be a little more than you.Yes you can’t make him bath daily.But what you are supposed to do is keep his fur coat clean?Although dogs are capable enough […]

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Dogs And Music- Musical Sense In Dogs

Dogs and music- two things that can brighten our mood at any moment. Feeling upset? A lick from your dog or a 10-minute session of your favourite tunes can instantly turn your mood. Feeling happy? Turn on your favourite jam or cuddle your pup and you will become the happiest. That’s the magic of music and […]

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Dog Petting- The Best Places To Pet You Dog!

As soon as we enter our place we see our little pup waiting for us. He wagging tail tells us that we were missed. And so does his “welcome bark”. That’s when he sits with us. His head on our lap. Wanting to be petted. Our dogs deserve the best love. We are sure you […]

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dog snoring

Here’s Why Your Dog Snores!

You turn off the lights and tuck yourself into bed and all of a sudden this freight train-like racket starts rumbling from a corner of the room. Before you violently nudge your spouse awake for snoring, take a second look. There’s a good chance it could be the dog.Like people, dogs sometimes snore.While snoring can […]

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dog's sleeping position

What Does Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Reveal About His Personality?

What is the one thing that your dog loves the most? Sleep! It’s their way of passing time, relaxing…and just yeah, passing time. I am sure that if dogs had to tell us what their favourite hobby is most of them will reply with just one word- sleeping! Dogs have personal preferences when it comes […]

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dog hacks

15 Dog Hacks To Make You The Best Dog Owner!

When we ring our door bell our dogs welcome us with the highest excitement possible. On lonely nights they prove to be our living-loving pillows. The sulky feeling, after a long day at work, ends just by cuddling our little balls of fur. All the dog hair on our black t-shirt becomes worth because of their […]

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dog tears, crying dog, do dogs cry, what dog tears mean, can dogs cry, how do dogs cry, sad dog

Dog Tears- Myths and Realities Behind Dog Tears

When we hear the word ‘dog’ the image of an over-excited being comes into our mind. A being that is there in our moments of happiness and has supported us through our tears. An emotional being. A being that is extremely close to the human world. Dogs are creatures that are there for us through […]

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