Dog Sleep Positions and their Meanings

What sleep position does your dog LOVE to lay in? My dog loves to lay on his side. My favourite position to watch a dog sleep in is with their legs up in the air. How funny do they look with their tongue hanging to side? With their legs proudly up in the air!

These dog sleep positions will you have you giggling for days. They’ll give you a little more insight about your dog, too. You’ll be surprised to find out how your dog sleeps reflects his or her personality.

1.   Side Sleeping Pooches

Is one of the most popular dog sleep positions in your house sleeping on their side? If so, you’re not alone.

Most dogs love to get a comfy rest in while sleeping on their side. When they sleep on their sides they are comfortable. These dogs feel secure where they are.

If your dog sleeps like this, you are their person. They trust you. There is no place they’d rather be than by your side.

2. Dogs Who Love To Sleep on Their Tummy

Dogs love to sleep on their stomach, too. This position looks almost like they’re about to “take flight”. It’s said that this means your dog is high energy. A definite go getter!

They are ready for whatever life is about to throw at them. As soon as you whistle, they’re in the perfect position to take off. Ready for action!

3. Legs High Up in The Air

A puppy sleeping with their legs up in the air is the cutest thing ever. This sleeping position also correlates with sleeping on their side.

This sleeping position says they feel safe. It also means that they are independent.

4. The Snuggle Bug

Does your dog LOVE to snuggle? In this position, they’re sleeping on their side. But, their paws are curled under their body. Much like they are “snuggling”.

Dogs who prefer this position are normally very sweet. They also have a GREAT disposition! This sleeping position is also a great way for them to conserve their heat.

5. The Laid Back and Relaxed Dog

This may look a lot like the position the puppy is laying in above. But, this pooch’s legs are little more “uniformed”.

Dogs who sleep like this are confident. They know they are the star of the show. But, they also sleep like this to cool themselves off. So, it’s common to see an inside dog kick back and relax in this position. Especially if they just spent a good bit of time running around outside.

6. Shy Tummy Curl

This position isn’t quite like the adorable Shih Tzu above. Instead, this puppy is sleeping on his stomach. But, his legs aren’t stretched out. Instead, they’re tucked under.

It’s said that dogs like this are a little more on edge. That they may not be in a deep sleep. Dogs who sleep like this are known to be more on the shy side. Maybe even a little timid.