Dog Training: 4 Reasons to Go For It

Dog training has been surrounded by a number of myths for years. Fact is that an untrained dog is no less loved than a trained one. But dog training too comes with its own set of benefits. The main reason that people avoid training their dogs is because of the myth that dog training is about punishment based learning and obedience tricks.

Dog Training

But fact is that there are still some trainers who use this technique, but most are focused on positive training. Positive trainers use encouragement and treats. The dogs still learn, but are no longer afraid.

A Relationship

Dog Relationship

Earlier training methods included showing your dog, ‘who the boss is’ or the ‘who the alpha is’. These methods were damaging for your dog’s psychology. This was the reason behind news about owners being attacked by their dogs. But that is not the case with positive training. This dog training method makes learning rewarding and easy. Dog training allows you and your dog to build a relationship of trust and respect, instead of fear.

Dogs also become more controlled, better behaved, and tolerant with proper dog training.

Dog Training for Behavior

Living with humans

Living with humans comes with its own set of extra responsibilities. Basic manners and mental enrichment can help your dog with anxiety and stress as well. This includes aggressive behaviors, chewing habits, too much barking, etc. If new people visit, your dog should be able to greet them without over excitement. A well behaved dog does not scare others. That also lets your dog be a part of social gatherings. Let your dog socialize so they can gain more confidence.

Avoid Bad Behavior

Chewing dog

Dog training helps build communication between you and your dog. This communication also boosts the comfort between you and your dog. The more you train your dog, the lesser problems you will face because of a lack of understanding.


Vector silhouette of a woman with a dog on a meadow.
Vector silhouette of a woman with a dog on a meadow.

Positive training does not exclude marking down misbehaviors. Discipline is instead used in a constructive way rather than intimidation. Guiding your dog towards the right choice, and doing it without punishments, will help strengthen your bond.

Dog training does not mean teaching tricks. It can also mean teaching your dog some simple commands like stay, sit, and come. A trained dog is just better attuned to your instructions and has lesser behavioral issues.

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