Dating Sites for Dogs

You know how sometimes when your friends are hanging out with either their partners or other friends, you feel left out? Don’t you start wishing that you had that special someone in your life, or just another friend? Don’t worry, it’s completely natural!

However, have you ever thought that your dog could feel the same, especially when you’re spending time with someone else? What if your pooch also desires for that “special someone’, or a bestie?

Bummer, isn’t it! But don’t worry. There are plenty of dating sites available on the internet for your pup. Their main focus is to find a mate for your dog as well as find a playmate.

Dog using Laptop

We have listed down some of the best dog dating sites for your perusal:


This advanced website is designed to help you find other nearby dogs and dog owners to set up play dates or breeding opportunities. The search options can be sorted by

  • Location
  • Breed
  • Pedigree
  • Color
  • Age and others

In addition, DoggieMatch also functions as a full-fledged social networking site for dog owners and lovers. It has an active, open blog where people can share their canine companion’s stories.

Furthermore, they devise plans to organize and participate in many different dog-related and dog-friendly events different cities. They also put together exclusive discounts for best deals on dog products!



This website believes in letting your furry friend enjoy the company of not only you, but another one of his kind. They focus on creating a strong community of pet owners, through membership. One can find another pet to join theirs in the park, find an answer to questions, or just share their thoughts on pet ownership. They also support animal rights and encourage humane treatment of pets and humans.


dogs playing


This is a site which can’t bear to see lonely dogs. They believe that every dog should have a date. It is an online community which aims at bringing together dogs from all over the world. It is also provides a platform for owners to

  • Meet
  • Share their favorite dog food recipes
  • Exchange information
  • Make a better place for dogs

In addition, the site has facilitates dog-to-dog and owner-to-owner chats. One can send a ‘woof’ to another dog or human. It also has the provision for finding breeding partners, pen-pals and regular friends. After all, why should humans have all the fun?



This site provides a mechanism for your little one to meet new friends in the neighborhood. All you need to do is sign in and put up a photo of your dog with his/her details and find a suitable match. It’s easy and convenient!



It is important for your pooch to be with his/her kind too, and not just humans. Breeding is also a vital aspect of your pup’s life. As such, if you face difficulties in finding apt matches for your canine bestie, give these sites the ability to work their magic!



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