Things you need to groom your dog at home

A clean and well groomed dog not only looks and smells nice, but is healthier as well. Even if you prefer to take your dog to the vet and to spas, it is always a good idea to have the basic grooming tools available at your disposal all the time. You should try to groom your dog by yourself, as not only does it help save money, but also helps you build a better relationship with your dog.

groom your dog

Groom your dog with a bath (Shampoo)

Dog bath

The first step to groom your dog is to give it a bath. As it is with humans, dogs too require frequent baths. But unlike humans, dogs should not be bathed to frequently. How many and how soon your dog needs to be bathed depends on the breed, activities, region, weather, etc. Ask your vet about the perfect frequency of baths, and also remember that it can range from once a week to once a month.

Do not use bath soap for your dog, instead buy special dog shampoo that is suitable for their breed and coat type.


Brushing (Brushes)


It takes some getting used to, in the beginning, but most dogs love brushing time. When you groom your dog, remember to always brush away from the skin. You can brush as frequently as you like. Long coated dogs require it more frequently as compared to short coat dogs.

  • Bristle Brushes: These can help add shine to the coat and remove dirt
  • Wire-pin brushes: Not for short-haired dogs, but a good choice for longer-haired dogs
  • Slicker brushes: The best choice to de-matt and remove dead hair
  • De-matting rake: Great for dogs with a lot of matting, should be used very gently
  • Shedding blade: Suitable for short coats to grab loose hair
  • Rubber Brush: Good for removing dead hair and have a massaging effect and for sensitive dogs


Pedicures (Nail Clippers)


Dogs that are not overtly active outside require frequent pedicures as well. When you groom your dog with clippers, remember to use dog clippers and not the human ones. Ask your vet to train you in the basics, but if you are still not comfortable, you should probably seek professional help.


Haircuts (Scissors and Electric Clippers)

Dog haircut

Bathe first before you groom your dog with a haircut. Once dry, use scissors to cut around the face and the paws. The main bulk of the hair can be cut using electric clippers.


When your dog is clean, you both will feel better for it. A cleaner and better smelling dog is a happy dog and a happy owner.

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