Things your dog loves that we don’t know

There are a lot of things and activities that a dog loves but might seem confusing to their humans. But once you know a little more about your dog’s psyche, you might be able to understand them just a bit better.


When your dog loves to steal

dog loves to steal

The next time something sparkly of yours goes missing, before you start throwing blame and insinuations, you might like to know that your dog might have been the little thief. Dogs are very attracted to such objects and tend to hide them. Some dogs steal because of a natural instinct to preserve extra things, some steal to keep a memento of you with your smell on it, while some might do it simply because they’re bored or because they want attention.


Preparing for bed

dog sleep preparation

Some days, the thought of our beds is the only thing that sustains us throughout the day. Dogs too are great lovers of comfort and like to make their beds perfect for sleeping. We all know about the whole turning around in circles thing that a dog loves to do. Some dogs might simply do this, and fall asleep soon enough, but others need all their toys or their favorite blanket to be around them before they can sleep. These dogs will spend some time tracking down their favorite toys before they can sleep.


Your dog loves to swim

dog loves to swim

Despite their perceived aversion to baths, actually, a dog loves to swim. There are many breeds that may jump in the water to help someone; many will just jump, even if no one is drowning. Swimming is also a great way to keep your dog cool on a hot day.


Listening to music

dog loves music

We all know how amazing our dog’s sense of smell is, but a major skill that is ignored or isn’t that well known is their amazing sense of pitch. Various researches conducted on this matter have shown how dogs too are affected by the music they here. Classical music tends to calm them down, while heavy metal will agitate them. Your dog loves music, basically. Just remember that every dog is different with music, just like people. Also, keep the volume low. Dogs have strong hearing and don’t need high volumes.


Getting Smelly

dog loves getting stinky

Before dogs were tamed, they were used to rolling about in smelly things to mask their own scent. This helped them hunt down prey. This is a habit that they still have from their ancestors. A dog loves getting smelly. It’s like a natural version of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.


You dog loves to sit on your feet

dog loves sitting on you

Taken as a sign of affection, it is a bit more than just that. Dogs tend to do this to tell other animals that you are their human. By sitting, they are also putting their scent on you. This warns others that your dog is protecting you. Another reason is the lack of confidence in your dog. It asserts control this way and hopes you won’t ever leave it alone. Dogs are simply the cutest, aren’t they?


Exploring new places

New places

Sure you and your dog have a set routine that you follow for your walks. But, did you know that dogs absolutely love going to new places? A new place is very stimulating for a dog, mentally and physically. But of course, before you take your dog to new places, make sure you scope it out on your own first. This way you can assure that the path and the place are both safe.


A dog loves so many things, and knowing about them only makes it easier for us to make them as happy as we can.

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