Month: June 2016

Funny Dog Tweets Every Dog Lover Can Relate To!

Long ago there lived a man. The world considered him sane. And then he met a dog and…well, he then became crazy, crazy in love. Why? Because now he likes to be licked by a tongue filled with saliva. He loves a furry butt on his face. His favourite time pass is tummy rubbing. And […]

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Dog Skin Problems: Symptoms And Cures

Unfortunately many dogs today suffer from dog skin conditions. In fact, it’s the number one reason dogs are taken to the vets according to VPI Pet Insurance. Is your dog constantly itching and scratching? Rubbing his face? Licking his paws?If you answered yes, then chances are he is experiencing an issue with his skin. In […]

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dog's nose meme

Dog’s Nose Is Wet? No Need to Worry!

Has it ever happened that you were petting your dog and you found your dog’s nose wet? It’s something that should probably feel disgusting, but instead it’s wonderful and endearing to have that slimy little thing all up in your business. Have you ever wondered why your dog’s nose is wet, though? Your nose works […]

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why is dog eating grass

Why Is Your Dog Eating Grass and How Can You Prevent It?

As soon as your puppy gets the chance to sneak out of the house he runs towards that field and chews all the grass that he sees. In that moment, when you see your dog eating grass you feel like he has turned into a cow. Soon your dad shouts, “It’s okay! His stomach must […]

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All You Need To Know About Dog Vaccinations!

Dog vaccinations are divided into two categories- Core Dog Vaccinations and Non Core Dog Vaccinations. Core dog vaccinations are canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. These should be given to every dog during their lifetime. Non-core dog vaccinations are leptospirosis, coronavirus, canine parainfluenza, Bordetella bronchiseptica, and Borrelia burgdorferi. These are given depending upon the age, breed […]

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dog exercises, dog exercises, dog health, dog fitness, exercises of dogs, fit dog, healthy dog, happy dog, dog body, dog care

Get Your Dog To Exercise Daily!

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This proverb holds true for your cute canine as well. Regular dog exercises are one of the most important ways to provide your pet with a healthy body. The ideal time to start exercising your pooch is at the puppy stage. These exercises should be continued throughout your […]

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famous bollywood pets

10 Indian Celebrities and Their Pawsome Buddies!

For our Bollywood celebs, their Bollywood pets are like their family. These Bollywood pets are always there to cheer them up and give them company when the chips are down. The Bollywood pets that these stars own say a lot about the star themselves, and usually compliment their lifestyle. List of famous Bollywood pets-  Salman Khan […]

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things dogs hate, annoyed dog

10 Things You Do That Your Dogs Hate!

We know you love your lovely canine friend to the core. But there are a few things that you do unintentionally that dogs hate. Here’s a list- 1. Hugging Your Dog Love hugging your furry canine friends? Stop right now! Even though you may not accept it most dogs hate hugs. We have been brought […]

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Two Most Naughty Dogs That You Will Ever Meet!

1. Dog Story- Buddy- the bird watcher. This is the dog story of Buddy, a handsome Indian breed stud of Adharika Kapoor. He is 2 and a half years old and has the look that can make any woman feel weak in her knees. Here, you can see for yourself- How did Buddy enter into […]

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3 Real Life Stories That Will Make You Get A Dog Right Away! – PaWish Contest

  Dog Stories No. 1- His girlfriend said “lets get a dog” and it proved to be the best decision ever! 6th October 2014 was like any other day in Sayed Jahangir’s life. But then came a drastic turn. His girlfriend came up with a crazy idea out of nowhere. She said “lets get a […]

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