Month: May 2016

shaving dogs in summers

To Shave or Not To Shave?

With the temperature rising by the day this summer, the mantra we humans adopt with respect to clothes is mostly: less is more. But is the same mantra applicable for our dogs? Generally, most specialists recommend against shaving dogs though there are exceptions. Veterinarians often advise against shaving dogs for the basic reason that your […]

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What Not To Feed Your Dog

Food is probably one of the most agreeable and preferred ways to bond with one another for people. However, the same is not applicable for the bond you share with your dog. Just because you like the taste of something, does not mean that your dog will like it too. Au contraire, there are a […]

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college cut offs, dog paw and human hand, dog holding human


It’s that time of the year again. Nervousness, tension and mental breakdowns. Will you get admission in a good college? Will the college cut offs be too high? Which course will you take? All these questions doing zip zap in your mind. The only element of peace? Your dog.    Here’s how your dog can […]

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dog quotes


Mercury is rising and so are the chances of your dog falling ill. But we are sure you wouldn’t want that. In such a weather it is important to keep your dog cool and clean. So here are 10 tricks to keep your dog cool. 1. Exercise Timings It is important not strain your dog […]

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beat dog heat, dog in summer, dog in sun

How To Beat The Heat

With the mercury level rising day by day, protection against the sun is a pressing concern, especially for our dogs, who have to be taken care of scrupulously, owing to their differing body structure. We often fail to realize this but dogs need to be sheltered from the harmful UV rays just like humans, or […]

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intelligent dog breeds, smart dogs

10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds of the World

Apart from being loyal, friendly, lovable and fun, dogs are little canine Einsteins. They possess the ability to quickly learn new instructions and the obedience to perform them 95% of the time or better. In addition, they have an excellent intuition that can sense things such as danger, emotions and so on. Some of them form […]

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dog pain

Signs that your dog is in pain and trying to hide!

Whether it’s a scratch or a small injury, seeing your pup in dog pain keeps you engrossed in his/her thoughts till the time you see them back in action. When your goofy is showing changes in behaviour you have never seen before, he/she might be in a pain they are not able to express. We […]

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dog eating poop

7 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Eating His Own Poop

Old habits die hard. Even if your pup is domesticated, he still thinks he lives in the wild. Dog eating poop thus becomes a common phenomena. The scientific name of your dog’s habit of eating his own poop is coprophagia (kop-ruh-fey-jee-uh). According to the ASPCA, the motivations your dog eating poop may include perfectly natural […]

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adopting dog

10 reasons why dogs are better than boyfriend ;)

Tired of dating? Don’t worry! We will give you an option that you won’t be able to resist! Here’s how dog love can give you the best life partner- LOYALTY AND HONESTY Dog is known to be the most loyal and honest animal in the world. Every girl wants a loyal and honest guy as […]

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dog fleas

Symptoms & Remedies for dog fleas this summer

Dog fleas are every dog’s living nightmare. They are freeloading parasites which most commonly live on dogs. The concern for dog fleas arises predominantly during the warm weather seasons, but owing to their ability to survive indoors, dog fleas create problems during cooler seasons too. Not only are flea infestations exasperating, they are also very […]

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