Month: December 2015

dog grooming

Why Dogs Need Grooming

Dog Grooming is an inescapable part of owning dogs. Unlike popular belief, grooming is not just about maintaining your dogs’ level of cleanliness, or about keeping your dogs good-looking. Grooming is at the base, all about maintaining both your dogs’ physical health as well as the appearance. Here are some useful tips for dog Grooming: […]

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Christmas Time for Dogs

Come Christmas, there are the ornaments, plants, presents, lights, the Christmas tree, and even candles strewn around the house. Keeping your dogs safe during the holidays can be a tiny bit difficult. However, some simple steps can help you and your dogs enjoy Christmas, without any trips to the animal emergency room. Christmas trees: 1. […]

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dog show

It’s Show Time

It’s Show Time, Pooch!!! When it comes to dog show, few tips for a winning edge are never misplaced. From socialization and training, to grooming  there are many aspects that go into the making of an award winning dog. Socialize A great show dog is either made or lost according to how well they are […]

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expensive breed

10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

The Most Expensive Dog Breed There are many things to think about before you buy a dog. Even though it is always a great idea to adopt a dog, some people are set by their own favorite breed. Whatever you choose to do, price is always a great consideration in your decision. With that being […]

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bath time

Its Bath Time For Your Lovely Pooch

Its Bath Time!!!! If you have see people in movies trying to bathe their dogs, it seems like a rather fun exercise with a lot of soap suds and water and bonding. But if you buy a dog for yourself, you will soon realize it’s not really that fun. Dogs don’t mind being dirty and […]

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life with dogs

5 things dog can bring in your life!

Life With a Dog!! Sure a lot of people love to run out and buy a dog, but is it really worth it? They bring a lot of changes to your life.I mean, just look at all the mess and effort that goes into raising those furry devils. Chewed out shoes, pee everywhere, not to […]

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Breeding Part 8: Weaning the new puppies from their mother

Weaning the New Puppies Many times, people who have a new litter of puppies are unsure of how to start the weaning processes. In fact, a lot of the owners do not even know what the weaning process is all about. Weaning actually refers to the process of the puppies beginning to eat food other […]

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Breeding Part 7: Caring for the puppies

Caring the Puppies New born puppies require a lot of care so here are some tips to care the new member in the best possible way: Temperature Newborn puppies are unable to control their body temperature and it falls to the owners to keep them in a warm environment. Chillier temperatures can stress the puppy […]

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healing power of dogs

The healing power of Dog

Dogs and their Power to Heal!! When we say “a dog is a man’s best friend” .We use this phrase not only to refer him as a good companion.But also for healing the problems of his master.Dogs have a special place and power in the medical world.As they are capable and trained of doing many […]

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cartoon dogs

10 Famous Cartoon Dogs from Our Childhood

The celebrity Cartoon Dogs from our Childhood Before there were dogs, the Flintstones would have us believing that the people used to keep tiny dinosaurs as pets. Everyone remembers Dino, the hyperactive purple dinosaur who had amazing dog-like habits (except the fact that they used to put their kids on his head at the drive […]

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