Month: October 2015

The the Season to be Freezing. Winter is Coming!

Winter Season and Dogs Walking through the crowded streets tonight, a cold breeze dominated every sense and led to the realization that winters are finally here. Of course you never know with weather these days, it could go from freezing cold to sweltering hot in one night! But this biting cold wind did suddenly bring […]

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To Buy or Not to Buy – That is the Question!

Dog Adoption Has it been a while with you tethering on the edge of buying dogs online? Have you been spending some time considering all the pros and cons of dog adoption? Before you come to a decision and run out telling all your family and friends that “Hey! I want to buy a dog […]

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ethical breeding


Ethical Breeding Who is an ethical breeder? He is a responsible breeder who breeds dogs with the primary purpose of bettering the breed and nothing else. Before we start discussing the protocol of ethical breeding we need to understand what ‘bettering the breed’ means. Each dog breed was created to serve one of the following […]

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Time Matters! – The right age to bring home your new puppy

New Puppy There is no denying the pure joy that a puppy can bring to your life. The thing with dogs is that you really should not buy one just because you feel lonely after a long day at work. Don’t doubt it – dogs need love, care and attention! If you do decide that […]

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An Introduction to Dog Breeding

Dog Breeding As a proud and good pet parent, you only want the best for your fur kid.This includes when you want him or her to have puppies.The subject of Dog Mating may seem like something best left to the dogs to handle themselves. But for domesticated dogs that are confined within the boundaries of […]

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Four Difficulties in Labrador Parenting

Labrador Parenting My pet is shedding excessively, he drools too much, he is not hygienic are few of the common problems every pet parent faces. Labrador is not new to such common problems. And the over friendly nature of Labrador let the parent to often overlook the basic needs of their pet, the most basic […]

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